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Hospice is based on the belief that dying and death are natural parts of life, and that the end of life can be a time of choices and profound meaning to patients, their families and their friends. Hospice is a philosophy, not a place, so “home” is where ever the patient may be.

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Our goals

  • To support the patient and the family who are faced with terminal illness.
  • To provide the highest quality pain and symptom management.
  • To address the unique physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and financial concerns which may be part of a terminal illness.
  • To help the patient live fully through the last days of life.

Hospice Services

A patient in the final stage of life receives care at home, provided by a team of professional staff. Services may include:

  • Nursing and palliative care
  • Pain management
  • Emotional and spiritual support to patients, families and caregivers
  • Short-term respite for caregivers, and companionship by trained volunteers
  • Bereavement support
  • Volunteer based Pet Peace of Mind services
  • Community and school based grief support
  • Public and professional education
  • Hospice Hotline for patients and families - 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week  

Payment for Services

Hospice care may be reimbursed through Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance programs. Our Hospice services are available to all who qualify.

Where to Call

Hospice referral calls should be made to 800-575-5162.


Hospice services are available to people facing life-limiting illness who choose to discontinue curative treatment. Anyone can request Hospice services.

Referrals may come from the patient, family member, physician or other healthcare clinician. An initial visit by a Hospice nurse or social worker can help a patient and family to decide whether Hospice services are appropriate.

Support Groups

  • We offer free bereavement support groups, throughout the year. Groups are held at locations throughout our territory and are open to the public.
  • Caregiver workshops are also available and open to anyone who is caring for a loved one.

Check here for support group dates, times and locations.

Bibliography of Readings

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We also have an extensive lending library of books, videos and brochures available to the public in our branch offices.

Learn more about becoming a Hospice Volunteer. Visit our Volunteer section for more details.